Extreme poverty has left many without any means to combat serious disease. In many parts of East Asia, particularly rural areas, little or no medical resources of any kind exist. In our travels around the region, PFP has sought to give help however it can. Special attention is given to the most extreme cases and disadvantageous of circumstances, and priority is given, as always, to women and children. When such cases are encountered, PFP seeks to provide the best care available. When we are able, we transport patients to larger cities where we procure and fund treatment. Cancer, genetic abnormalities, TB, and severe burns are some of the many things we fight against.

Once or twice a year, PFP invites medical professionals to volunteer their services for a clinic outreach. Temporary clinics are set up in remote villages where health care is nonexistent. In addition to physical examinations and cancer screenings, basic hygiene is taught. PFP has been able to cooperate with local governments and national and international doctors and has seen significant progress made. In more than a few cases, lives have been truly rescued and hope restored.