Since the beginning of our work, PFP has provided education assistance to students or prospective students of all ages. In both urban and rural areas, education is often short-lived or nonexistent due to a variety of barriers and hindrances. In many urban areas, students of migrant workers often are unable to attend school due to resident status. Orphans or children of addicts are similarly unable to attend school without outside assistance. In rural areas, resources are often inadequate.

PFP has assisted thousands of migrant children attend school by cooperating with local private schools, or, in some cases, by establishing independent schools and taking on operating costs. In the countryside, PFP has partnered with local governments and villages to fund school buildings and provide necessary school supplies.

As education is critical to escaping poverty and abuse, education assistance remains on the forefront of PFP’s efforts across East Asia and beyond. For more information on past, present, and future education projects, see Contact Us.